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alert('Hello, World!'​) - 2017: The year of the Digital Native

In December I announced I was moving on to start a new venture in 2017. After

which I took a few weeks of time to spend in the metaphoric and literal garden to work on important things like a tan.

I also spent this time seeking the advice of friends, family, peers and leaders in the industry. This usually meant consuming a lot of coffee and more burgers than is medically advisable.

But with all that done, I am delighted to be kicking off my new business in 2017.

Digital Native Agency is a boutique consulting firm focused on helping digital & tech-centric organisations build robust talent acquisition strategies.

So why this? Well, I'm glad you asked (you did right?).

Over the last ten years in Tech & Digital Recruitment, I've worked with some fantastic businesses from small but ambitious startups to publicly listed companies with large and established teams. All of these have something in common. They all have great products and solutions, but even more importantly they have amazing people producing them.

It is the talent of these individuals combined that drive these businesses to success. But what I also have seen over many years is how much potential is being held back and could be unlocked if they looked at Talent Acquisition as a strategic priority.

Many find themselves recruiting reactively and get caught up or bogged down in a disjointed process, going back and forth with recruiters or struggling to reel the best talent in when they do find someone themselves.

Many know the importance of hiring great people but lack a solid plan on how they can find, attract and secure this talent then tell their story of why that candidate chose his or her organisation.

A lot of these companies rely on recruitment firms like the ones I have worked for previously. But a lack of clear strategy, process and engagement with those agencies leads to, at best, a hit & miss result.

Sometimes it works well but a lot of the time it doesn’t. This usually ends with the recruitment firm taking the blame, which then results in the client moving on to the next recruiter and starting the process and potential mistakes over again.

So that is my mission: to draw on my experience not just as a recruiter but as someone who has built and developed both strategy and the teams that have supported hundreds of businesses to deliver recruitment and talent services.

I will be working with Business Owners, Executives and Team Leaders of Digital & tech-driven companies and providing them with the tools, knowledge and access to my network of specialists in the Talent space.

The upside? They hire the right people, create even better products and services, make more money (and maybe save some) all while building a reputation and brand in the market as an employer of choice.

The downside? They have to spend a bit of time with me. But hey I'm a nice guy.

Recruitment will also play a significant part in the and I will continue to provide tactical recruitment services for filling critical digital roles focused in:

  • Digital Projects - Business Analysts | Scrum/Agile | Project Management | Product Management

  • Software Development - Front End, Back End & Full Stack

  • Testing - Automated, Manual & UAT

  • Software & Product Architecture

Finally, since I announced I was moving on, I've had many of you whom I have worked with over the years reach out with encouragement, support and advice on this journey.

It's inspired me to take on this challenge and from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU.

The Brisbane Digital & Tech scene is vibrant, growing and leaves me confident about both the future of the industry here and my place in it. I look forward to helping as many of you as I can in 2017!

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